Child Safety Scheme at Alhambra Shopping Centre

10 April 2021

Child safety scheme

Alhambra Shopping Centre is a family friendly and safe place to visit, shop and have fun. However, losing a child, even for a few moments can be very distressing, that’s why from Monday 12th April we will be introducing our Child Safety Scheme to help reassure and get help fast.

The scheme is free to use and ensures that should your youngster wander off or become lost, they are easily and quickly reunited with their parent or guardian.

Upon your arrival to the Centre,

  • Pick up your FREE wrist band from our customer service desk located on the upper level outside The Entertainer toy shop.
  • Write your contact details on the band.
  • Fix the band to your child’s wrist.

If you lose a child whilst shopping or need to report an incident call our security team on 01226 295355.

Child Safety Tips

It’s easy for children to get distracted in busy places. Most children are reunited very quickly, but a child is vulnerable while lost so it is important to teach a child what to do.

If you are lost:

  • Stop, stand still and look; don’t run about.
  • If you see the person you were with, go to them and hold their hand.
  • If lost in a shop, go to the nearest till point and talk to a shop assistant. Most shop assistants will wear uniforms or badges.
  • If in the centre, look for the nearest security guard or a parent with children and ask them to ring the number on the wrist band or security on 01226 295355.
  • Don’t go up to anyone else.